10 things we’ve learnt so far at London Fashion Week

London Fashion week is barely under way, and already our minds have been blown. We’ve been keeping an eye on the catwalks and runways (so you don’t have to), and here’s what we’ve discovered so far.

1. Restrained cannibalism is to be encouraged.

Hannibal Lecter mask LFW

2. If you’re not out and about in a hay bale and pile of discarded toilet roles, you’re no one.

Hay bales at London Fashion Week

3. Kim Kardashian’s new Screwfix duct tape line is already affecting share prices.


4. #BarelyThere clothes don’t turn heads anymore. They’ve become the norm

Barely There Clothes at LFW

5. Hay bales, duct tape, cannibalism… whatever! Nothing at London Fashion Week 2016 has yet to top last year’s Marko Mitanovski triumph.

Marko Mitanovski
‘I. Have. Never. Looked. Better.’

6. Accessories are getting really sophisticated.

LFW accessories


7. The key to getting noticed? Wear something bright – even if it’s just a hint.

London Fashion week 2016

8. If you can’t get Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows the natural way, buy a paint roller and get busy.

LFW 2016 Cara's eyebrows

9. This year’s designers hate your feet.

Hate your feet

10. When deadlines are missed, someone still has to grin and bear it.

Dutch designer Pietre Van Pietre knitted right up until the last minute, but he just couldn't get the job done.
A brave model works with what he has. You just can’t get the knitting staff these days.

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Daniel Puppets

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